One week of staking!!!

At the 11th of August 15:19 UTC the Radix mainnet was live and soon we did our first proposal! A week has passed and we have made 58986+ succesfull proposals!! Until monday we were proud of a 100% uptime but we made a slight slip in a routine maintainance and missed 2 proposals in two different epochs, now we show on the explorer 99.99% uptime (which is in fact 99.996609365% uptime). That results in an 100% uptime during 290 epochs and a penalty of ~24.75% during 2 epochs which gives us an overall emission efficiency of ~99.48% on our first week in production. Not bad, huh?

A little side note on the uptime shown on the explorer. It should cover a 500 epochs (~2 weeks) sliding window, but it was set to the old epoch duration, so it’s in fact looking only at 150 epochs (instead of 500), and the team will fix it on the next explorer update, which is also promised to show only 1 decimal uptime (effectively rounding us to a 100% uptime again). We also think that the emissions efficiency metric would be a better one than the uptime metric the team is providing (write this suggestion down, @team!!!).

We also want to emphasize that in the next routine maintainance like this one, it’s perfectly possible that we get no missed proposal, or just one in the worst case. We just need to train our devops ninjtsu a bit more! We also promise to keep exactly this kind of total transparency and honesty to our stakers, no relying in “small team” excuses 😂😂.

We thank you all for the trust and hope to turn this into a long term relationship. Happy staking!!