UPDATED - Getting ready for staking

UPDATED - If you already read this before, you may want to jump straight to the updated list

So, mainnet is live, so is our node!! Live and registered! You can see in the Radix mainnet explorer’s validator list under the name of “Emmoglu by Leomagal…” (actually if you click on the name you will able to see the full name which is “Emmoglu by Leomagal | Radixscan”, wich highlights my partnership with Michael from Radixscan, who is developing awesome additional services for our stakers). Our validator address is:

Emmoglu validator address


After you have setup your Instapass and have swapped through Instabridge, the next job is to choose the validators. This guide is intended to help newcomers make that decision.

The first criteria is the 5-by-5 rule already mentioned in Radix knowledgebase, namely, you should not choose less than 5 validators, each of them having less than 5% of total stake. Although that’s a good general guidance, if each delegator could spread that stake among the whole 100 set, that would the most beneficial scenario for the network decentralization, but that’s indeed an overburden to the user. So I advise that you choose any number of validators from 5 to 20. Regarding the point of view of the risk of downtime itself, more than 30 would not make any difference. So, if you feel you can make it spreading amongst 20 of them, go ahead, if you think it’s an overburden, choose any amount between 5-20 validators.

There’s also the matter of fees spent in the staking transaction. First of all you need ~0.8XRD for every staking transaction, so, if you’re choosing 5 validators, make sure to reserve at least 5 XRD (1 more just in case), and 20 XRD if you’re staking to 20 of them (4 more just in case) in your wallet for the staking transactions (maybe consider doubling those amounts because you’ll need to unstake at some time). Then look at the list of recommendations below.

The criteria adopted here is somehow biased into the betanet validators, as those had more time and experience in Radix specifics, and long time community supporters, who of course had done the greatest contribution to the project so far. I don’t think that’s unfair or any favouritism at all, since those guys have contributed so much to the project, they already deserve at least a trophy 😂😂. If you disagree with this criteria, you can also do the exactly opposite, as you will be helping decentralize the network in either way.

If you’re choosing less nodes than there are in the list, choose randomly from this list (or choose the ones with less % of total network stake). An additional recomendation is not to incentivize people that are running more than one node, some of them are worth staking, but I think they should turn the other node(s) off. Also, I’m completely disregarding fees that validators charge (since they are in my opinion all inside a fair range). If I missed or forgot any valuable betanet or community member, it’s just that’s imposible to remember everyone, and of course, put them in a list of roughly 20 (as we were supposedely a 100 betanet validators). Last disclosure, I make a lot of fun and jokes in the list, so please don’t take it too seriously and take no offense.

So here it goes:


We took inspiration on Florian’s Dashboard and turned the list upside down, recommending from the lowest rank and up (err hmm, with one exception 😂😂)!!

Not in the next Epoch

If you’re a whale and want to help some guys that really deserve to be on that ranking to climb to the top, conmsider these two, otherwise, skip this section

0.1 - Lenox

Russian Validator.


0.2 - Markie Hashfield

I like this guy, I feel very positive vibes from him, he is also a youtuber and made some great Radix videos during the first Radvocates program.


Validator List

1 - Emmoglu The Legend

<humble-mode-off> Of course, if you are reading this, you already chose us. Nothing much to say here. <humble-mode-back-on> 😂😂 UPDATE: We’re currently on the edge of Florian’s Warning Zone. We don’t mind entering it or joining his hall of shame 😂😂 (maybe my financial health really depends on it, or at least my commitment to the community fund). Also check the awesome work Michael is doing on radixscan.io if you haven’t already.



Reliable validator and betanet tester.


3 - XStelea Radixnode

Also proved worthy of this vouching being an active betanet supporter.


4 - Artistzen

Awesome artist that made nice contributions doing the first Radix “NFT” (between quotes because he made them even before the network supports NFTs). Just stake to his 01 node and don’t incentivize that he keeps the other nodes up.


5 - Ed (Radup)

Same with Ed, I can relate to him as we both are coming from other areas, as we did not exactly work as IT professionals before. He demonstrated in betanet, though, he’s competent, dedicated, reliable, and also a very nice guy.


6 - Penguin | Formosa

Also showed good work on betanet testing.


7 - Greg Radixstaker

Valuable and active betanet tester.


8 - Cryptoleftist

Crypto Commie. Let’s see if he’ll give all his rewards to the poor 😂😂.


9 - Ideomaker

Vlad has an interesting project he wants to launch on the Radix Network. Let’s support this guy.


10 - Avaunt

Although I don’t like that he runs nodes for the competition 😂😂, he was one of the most active and helpfull members of the betanet testing, also a nice guy, so he earned his position in my favouritism here. UPDATE: Check his awesome dashboard if you haven’t already.


11 - Janasena Mohzi Long time supporter

Mohzi Janasena is a very good developer that is constantly adding value to the community as well. It’s redundant to say he’s also a nice guy since this community is so full of nice guys 😂😂. Also helpfull, lended me some of his time to give me some tips.


12 - JoshC (Radixnode) Long time supporter

Also a long a long time supporter and follower of the project.


13 - Faraz (Radstakes)

Faraz showed excelent work during betanet, competent node runner, also a very helpfull and nice guy.


14 - Jamie (Apollo Pool)

Also a helpfull and active node runner during betanet, showed commitment and reliability. Unnecessary to say that he’s also a nice guy.


15 - Ian (Radixexchange) The Legend

Long time supporter, Tempo tests witness, Youtuber, Senior radvocate.


16 - R3animation Acmenodes Long time supporter

We all love a friendly dog, don’t we? Specially when we have him as community mod. And also Bugs Bunny and the Tiny Toons are staking with him 😂😂.


17 - SlightlyIffy

Community mod and big brain nerd.


18 - Cobra Long time supporter

OG GC supporter of the project. Those guys you can really trust!!


19 - Peachy The Legend

Well, this guy probably doesn’t need your stake delegated anyway, but as long as he leaves that option open, you can delegate to him, because his node has to stay up as he has too much at stake 😂😂 (pun intended).


20 - Stuart (Radixpool) The Legend

UPDATE: Stuart is already heavily staked if you sum his two nodes.

I didn’t know Stuart before betanet, but he showed up and provided helpfull and valuable input both to the team and to other node runners. He’s a very knowledgeable and experienced in IT infrastructure. (although I woudn’t incentivize him to run 2 nodes, let’s stake only to Radixpool 01)


21 - Wylie Radnode

UPDATE: Radnode is already heavily staked.

Also was very helpful and showed knowdledge, competence and reliablity. Nice guy.


22 - Florian Pieper The Legend

UPDATE: Maybe Florian does mind jumping into his own hall of shame, so let him drop to his safe zone before adding more stake. The brain, the legend, the destroyer of competitors. This man is of an incredibly value to this project, and have been long doing an awesome work of debunking competitors claims in what regards sharding and atomic composability, and have heroically been banned of all their communities, just for asking the difficult questions they really can’t answer (good job pal!!). He’s a very knowledgeable in everything it takes not just to run the node, bur also everything else.


23 - Mleeko Long time supporter

UPDATE: Mleeko is also already heavily staked.

What I can say of Mleeko is the same I said above about Mohzi.


24 - Stakesafe Amsterdam

UPDATE: Stakesafe is already heavily staked in both nodes.

Also proved worthy of this vouching being an active betanet supporter. Let’s not incentivize a second node though.


25 - Jazzer Long time supporter


Jazzer is a big brain genious, Solidity dev (recently launched his own DEX on Ethereum), provided much value to the community during the liquidity mining period (we all remember Radbot and how helpfull that was). Also helped me through some financial math when I needed.