Value Proposal


My value proposal comes from my history within the community. There were other times in my life when I acted the same: I look for the fastest way in which I can add value, be usefull and colaborate, work for free for some time to gather knowledge and learn, and only after that may be regarded as valuable contribution and start collecting any rewards or recognition. That never turned out to be the soundest strategy as it did in my Radix journey, although not planned in this case, it was something that just happened, I was just being myself mostly. It was like that, in the blink of an eye, I came out of nowhere and suddenly conquered the friendship and trust of some early adopters and proeminent community members.

Anyway, I am glad I helped Radix in the start of this journey, inspired some community members to be more active, and filled the role as mod when it was mostly needed… The recognition from you guys payed. It never felt like a job though (also it was never clear if/when/how it could turn into one), and it eventually managed to earn me nice rewards and tips. But I took that the node running was a more serious endeavour and challenge to pursue.

Everyone knows I am almost all in in Radix, I devote all my free time to things Radix related, that’s my main focus. It’s also clear that all my stake will be on my node, so I will do my best to do fullfill what is expected from me (also because I expect it from myself, otherwise it would be easier to just delegate). Also I usually speak the truth even when it’s probably coming against me.


We are working to make Radix successfull, we are working for this community, I’d like this business to be ours, not mine!! Let’s engage and run this together to the extent it’s possible!! My goal is to turn this not only into a node running business but when it grows it can turn into an all things Radix related startup, huh? We’ve already stabilished a partnership with Michael from Radixscan

Well, I don’t need most of the income right away, after costs and a humble pro-labore I will re-invest all my rewards into whatever is necessary to make this service better, including hiring third party security audits, outsourcing expertise, and even moving infrastructure to a bunker if that appeals to community. Whatever is left, a considerable amount going to be allocated in a community fund, redistributed in whatever way we come with, preferably in ways that add value to the whole Radix project itself (as opposed to just redistributing to stakers - but that can also be done as airdrops and lottery contests).

Any accounting policy adopted is subjected to change after the six months, though, let’s see how this goes.


As we stated, our initial goal is not to jump into the income, but to prove to be a successfull node runner business first. We would have charged zero fees if it weren’t for the right call of most node runners that this would be detrimental to the network (and really not nice to other node runners). So I’ll just make this a community runned business as much as possible and set fees to the average that manifests, probably something between 2-5%, not more, unless it really proves necessary in the future.


Of course, that is what expected from a node runner. In normal operating conditions, that should be taken for granted in a good Datacenter or Cloud provider, but of course, we have to take care against attacks.

We’re currently working in an isolated infrastructure with the least exposure as possible, closing all ports including ssh access, and also using basic DDoS protection by the provider. We’re also studying the best on-the-fly failover strategies and working on IaC disaster recovery strategies. That should be enough for now, but work doesn’t really end there. We will keep on investigating more ways to harden the structure and improve the operational side.

But for God’s sake, spread your stake, don’t stake more than 5% of your XRD to a single node, even good reliable node runners can experience downtime, that risk is never completely mitigated.